Hi, I'm KB Vega and the Creator and Founder of InspiHER Empire!!

Here's a lil bit on what we're all about.....

A couple years ago, I decided to start a Positivity Platform Page on IG, which I named The PowHER Collab, cause that's what I wanted to focus on....bringing positivity to powerful women (in our eyes, EVERY women is powerful). 

Our brand's mission then and still is all about uplifting, helping and inspiring women to be the BEST versions of themselves through self love, body positivity and confidence. From our social media sources, we decided to launch an inspirational brand to build up that confidence not only through our clothing but through our lifestyle accessories and products as well. Since we call ourselves inspirationalists, we found it suiting to correlate our name with what we were all about & changed our company name to InspiHER Empire. Same concept, same movement, same inspiration as before but with a fresh new look and name. 

We hope our brand continues to uplift powerful & inspirational women just as much as they do for us.  InspiHER Empire is a sisterhood with one goal in mind.....to inspire, enlighten, support & help one another be better than we were yesterday. 

See the inspiration. Be the inspiration. ★

Welcome to the EMPIRE Queens!!