The Real Diary of KB Vega

3/25/2024--I met with my editor for the first time who gave me some awesome advice on the struggles I have been having with writing my book. I tend to want to talk about every little detail in my life and realize, by doing so, it is making me lose focus on the story that I want to tell at hand. It was great to get some expert advice and some guidance where I can shift my focus. On to setting out a new outline for my book! 



So, Queens, as many as you know, when I first started off on my entrepreneurial journey, I actually started off as a positivity platform on Instagram. I was completely vulnerable, putting myself totally out there, sharing little snippets of what I have overcome in my life. I didn't realize by me doing this, I actually had people I never met before, DM'ing me telling me what an inspiration I was to them by opening up and being brutally honest about my past. I realized that this was my purpose in life. To help people.
I wanted to continue my positivity platform but add in my love for fashion and intertwine the two. Which then became my business baby....InspiHER Empire. I have been so busy working on my business/brand that I put my writing aside for a few years. But seeing the impact that my positivity posts brought people, I knew I had to continue on my writing journey.
This is what this page is all about. I am writing my first ever SOLO book about my life and how I came about to where I am today. This is probably the scariest but most self healing journey I think I will ever be on but I am excited to open my world up even more to you, especially if it means that it could help those who have gone through similar experiences. 
I will keep you updated on here on how my writing journey is going. So, stay tuned!